Tokyopop Updates Ratings System

posted on by Jonathan Mays
A for All Ages, Y for 10+, T for 13+, OT for 16+, M for 18+

Tokyopop is debuting a new, more comprehensive graphic novel ratings system beginning this fall. Each graphic novel will be rated A for All Ages, Y for 10+, T for 13+, OT for 16+, or M for 18+ based on the following criteria:

A = All Ages
Cartoon Violence
Potty Humor
Slapstick Humor

Y = 10+
Mild Language
Fantasy Violence

T = Teens 13+
Moderate Language
Mild Violence
Mild Gore
Crude Humor
Sexual Innuendo
Mild Sexual language
Non-sexual Nondescript Nudity
Mild Sexuality/Sexual Themes
Mild Fanservice
Tobacco Use/Reference
Alcohol Reference
Illegal Drug Reference

OT = Older Teens 16+
Strong Language
Moderate Sexual Language
Moderate Violence
Moderate Sexual Violence
Moderate Gore
Non-sexual Partial Nudity
Non-sexual - Full Body Nudity
Sexual-Partial Nudity
Sexual Nondescript Nudity
Sexual Humor
Representation of Pornography
Moderate Sexuality/Sexual Themes
Moderate Fanservice
Alcohol Use
Illegal Drug Use

M = Mature 18 + (shrink wrapped; content advisory label on cover)
Excessive Language
Explicit Sexual Language
Intense Violence
Explicit Sexual Violence
Excessive Gore
Sexual Full Body Nudity
Explicit Sexuality/Sexual Themes
Explicit fanservice

Source: ICv2

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