ADV Relocates Downloads, Outsources Online Orders

posted on by Christopher Macdonald

Fans have recently pointed out that ADV Universe, ADV's website for DRM-protected digital downloads, has had no titles listed on its website. While ANN is unable to verify how long the website has effectively been vacant, ADV representative Chris Oarr tells ANN that ADV Films rolled its digital download offerings into the main website in January and February. All the digital downloads previously available from ADV Universe are now available from ADV Films.

In a related matter, ADV Films is outsourcing its online fulfillment to RIght Stuf. Oarr says, "ADV is really great at a lot of things and pretty good at most everything else, but when it comes to fulfillment, Right Stuf certainly is one of the best. We're getting out of the online fufillment business, and we're looking forward to improving the service received by our customers via this partnership with Right Stuf."

Right Stuf also handles fulfillment for Funimation products ordered from Funimation's website, and did the same for Geneon Entertainment before that company ceased its North American DVD sales.

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