Gonzo Rosso Animates Music Video for Triceratops Band

posted on by Egan Loo
Video tells story of fictional future rock band, "The Loonies"

Gonzo Rosso, an online game developer and the sister company of the Gonzo anime studio, has produced an animated music video for The Loonies, the fictional band inspired by the real-life Japanese rock band Triceratops. Gonzo Rosso had previously produced a number of online games such as Pandora Saga and The Tower of Druaga –The Recovery of BABYLIM–, and its sister company Gonzo has produced promotional videos for Linkin Park and other musical acts. However, it is unusual for Gonzo Rosso itself to produce music videos or any animated project.

The story of "The Loonies" takes place after the year 3000, when humanity has emigrated to space and now coexists with other living beings and androids. However, on the 33rd planet, all forms of music — specifically rock and dancing — have been outlawed. On this world, a mysterious group of three musicians arises to fight the system. This music video expands upon an earlier video for Triceratops' "Loony's Anthem" song, and will be included in the deluxe box set for the real-life band's ninth album, Made in Love.


Image © Trinity Artist, triple-O, Gonzo Rosso, tearbridge records

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