Zodiac P.I.'s Natsumi Ando Launches Arisa Shōjo Manga (Updated)

posted on by Egan Loo
Story of polar opposite twin sisters from artist of Kitchen Princess

The January issue (released on December 1) of Nakayoshi maagazine has announced that Natsumi Ando, the creator of Zodiac P.I. and Kitchen Princess, will launch a new manga called Arisa in the next issue on December 29. The title character Arisa has a twin sister named Tsubasa, but the two are polar opposites in personality. Three years after their parents divorced, the two reunite, but a lot has changed since then. As part of Nakayoshi's ongoing 55th anniversary celebration, the manga will launch with a 50-page chapter and a color splash page in the beginning.

Ando just finished her Kitchen Princess manga in Nakayoshi in August. Tokyopop released the four Zodiac P.I. manga volumes in North America, while Del Rey published the eighth of 10 Kitchen Princess volumes in October.

Update: Ando drew the art in Kitchen Princess, but Miyuki Kobayashi created the story. Thanks, Buster Blader 126.

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