Denpa teki na Kanojo OVA to Be Added to Kure-nai Manga

posted on 2008-12-19 07:34 EST
Two stories share same author, illustrator, characters, light novel publisher

A pre-order form has revealed that the recently announced Denpa teki na Kanojo anime will be an OVA bundled with the third volume of the Kure-nai manga on May 1, 2009. Both Denpa teki na Kanojo and Kure-nai had originated as light novels that were written by Kentarō Katayama and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto under Shueisha's Super Dash Bunko imprint. Since the two also take place in the same story world, there are character crossovers between the two.

The cast is as follows:
Yoshimasa Hosoya: Jū Jūzawa
Ryou Hirohashi: Ame Ochibana
Kozue Yoshizumi: Hikaru Ochibana
Yu Kobayashi: Miya Satsuki
Akemi Satou: Kanako Fujishima
Hideki Tasaka: Rasei Kaku

Mamoru Kanbe (I''s Pure, Elfen Lied) will direct off scripts that Hiroyuki Yoshino (My-Hime, Macross Frontier) has supervised and written. Chiyuki Tanaka (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Inukami! animation director) will design the characters, while Akira Ito (Elfen Lied) will direct the background art. Katsunori Shimizu (I''s Pure, Elfen Lied) will direct the soundtrack, and Tenohira [Taiyō] will sing the theme song. Brains Base (Kamichu!, Kure-nai, Natsume Yūjin-cho) is in charge of the animation production.

The OVA, which will be about 40 minutes long, will center on a belligerent delinquent named Jū Jūzawa and a strange girl named Ame Ochibana who suddenly vows complete loyalty to him. "Denpa teki na Kanojo" or literally, "electromagnetic girlfriend," refers to the denpa-kei sub-genre of stories that imply bizarre behaviors are caused by electromagnetic waves.

Source: 2ch

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