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Dōjinshi Con Applicants' Personal Info Leaked Online (Updated)

posted on by Egan Loo
Lain's ABe, Gundam 00's Kouga, Comic Party's Inui, 20,000 said to be in leak

The event organizer Creation Office confirmed on Saturday that the personal information of creators who applied to participate in its Sunrise Creation (SC) dōjinshi conventions have been leaked onto the Internet. ITmedia News reports that the information was leaked through a virus that operates on the Winny file-sharing network. The Tantei File News Watch website adds that the leak became public on a thread dedicated to the Kintama virus on the 2channel forum on Friday. The names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information of applicants to the SC 17 to 33 conventions as well as event staffers — over 20,000 people in total — are reportedly in the files that were leaked earlier this month.

The people who applied for or participated in the events in the leaked documents include the following:
Taka Tony
Yuki Azuma
Hiroyuki Utatane
Mimana Orimoto
Aoi Kimiduka
Bosshi (O-jō -sama wa H ga O-suki, Mizugi Shōjo)
Yoshitoshi ABe
Rei Izumi
Mamoru Yokota
Kouichirou Yasunaga
Miki Miyashita
Sekihiko Inui
Shotaro Harada
Yun Kouga
Keito Koume
Ashita Morimi
Aoi Nishimata
Haruka Shimotsuki
Kenjirou Takeshita
Tarō Shinonome (KimiKiss ~various heroines~)
Takuya Fujima
Kengou Yagumo
Ken Yagami
Rekka Katakiri
Shizuru Hayashiya
Ryusuke Hamamoto

Source: Canned Dogs, 2ch

Update: Creation Studio has announced that the next Sunshine Creation event, April 12's SC 43, has been cancelled. The company plans to put thorough steps in place to ensure that leak does not occur again.

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