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Trigun Creator Nightow & Director Nishimura at AX 2009

posted on by Egan Loo
Movie producer Kitayama, designer Jinguji to also attend July event in L.A.

The Anime Expo convention has announced that Trigun manga creator Yasuhiro Nightow and Trigun the Movie director Satoshi Nishimura will attend the July 2-5 event in Los Angeles as Guests of Honor. The two veteran creators will hold a panel about the Trigun movie, Madhouse studio's first animated return to the franchise since it created the popular television series version in 1998. Producer Shigeru Kitayama (Trigun TV, Gungrave, Excel Saga) and designer Noriyuki Jinguji (Trigun TV, Hellsing, R.O.D -The TV-) will also appear to promote the Trigun movie.

Nightow began drawing manga as a child, and he made his professional debut with 1994's CALL XXXX manga in Shueisha's Super Jump magazine. The following year, Nightow launched his most well-known creation: Trigun. The story follows Vash the Stampede, a comically destructive gunman on the run from a dark past. Besides the Trigun manga, Nightow also created the story and characters for the Gungrave game and anime franchise. The promotional cover wrapper on the 14th and final volume of Nightow's Trigun Maximum manga indicated that the film's story will be about "Vash vs. Wolfwood," a heavily armed preacher and Vash's frequent traveling companion.

Besides directing the Trigun television anime and the upcoming film version, Nishimura also directed Fighting Spirit and Shin Chō Bakumatsu Shōnen Seiki Takamaru. He served as a unit director or storyboarder on Future GPX Cyber Formula, Black Lagoon, Dokkiri Doctor, Future GPX Cyber Formula, Kiba, Paradise Kiss, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and many other titles.

Dark Horse Comics has been publishing the Trigun manga in North America. Pioneer Entertainment (later known as Geneon Entertainment) sold the television anime version on DVD until it ceased in-house distribution of its own titles in September 2007.

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