Kamen Rider Double to Premiere in Japan in September

posted on 2009-06-25 08:25 EDT
2 heroes combine to form Kamen Rider W in latest version of Ishinomori's story

Promotional material in Japanese magazines have revealed the premiere date and characters of Kamen Rider Double (W), the newest reincarnation of the live-action Kamen Rider television franchise by manga creator Shotaro Ishinomori. The new special-effects series will premiere in September with the two main characters, Shōtarō Hidari and Philip. The private detective Hidari wields the Gaia Memory Joker unit while his partner Philip wields the Gaia Memory Cyclone unit. With the Double Driver transformation belt, the two heroes combine and transform into Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker to protect the ecological city of Fūbu from evildoers.

Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, the American adaptation of Japan's Kamen Rider Ryuki series (2002-2003), has been running on The CW television network in the United States since January (after a December preview).

Source: Kamen Rider W Netabare Jōhō-kyoku blog, Kyō mo Yarareyaku blog

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