Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku's 'Best' Albums Rank #4, #5 (Updated)

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1st double ranking in weekly top 10 for computer-synthesized singer

The Hatsune Miku Best ~impacts~ and Hatsune Miku Best ~memories~ albums went on sale in Japan on August 26 and placed #4 and #5, respectively, on Oricon's latest weekly album chart. These two albums collected selected tracks from the many musical acts that have used the computer-synthesized voice of the virtual idol singer Hatsune Miku.

The only other album related to Hatsune Miku that reached #4 was the self-titled album by supercell. It sold 55,652 copies to debut at #4 after shipping on March 4. Other high-ranking albums with her voice include Re:Package from livetune, which sold 19,757 copies last August to reach #5, and EXIT TUNES Presents Vocalostar feat. Hatsune Miku, which placed #10 with 11,702 copies.

The virtual idol held her first "live" performance on August 22 at the Animelo Summer Live 2009 Re:bridge concert. Right after she appeared on a screen several stories tall to "perform" two songs, a trailer played to officially announce next spring's Black Rock Shooter Project anime.


Update: Hatsune Miku was "born" on August 31, 2007 when Crypton Future Media released the first version of her software. To mark her second birthday, 13 albums and singles were added to the iTunes Store in Japan. Also, a new voice database, the tentatively titled "CV01 Hatsune Miku Append," is being added to the original voice-synthesis software. Crypton's official blog has posted three MP3 samples of the new database in vivid-Beta, soft-Beta, and very small-Beta. Source: ITmedia

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