Digital Manga Adds Fafner, Desire Sensibility Manga (Updated)

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Fafner science-fiction TV anime, novel already released in English in N. America

The Amazon online retailer is listing the following titles from the North American manga publisher Digital Manga Publishing:

Fafner: Dead Aggressor (Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor) Volume 1
Xebec, Mikami Akitsu (Loveplus Manaka Days)
July 21, 2010
Publisher's description: "A small island of Tatsumiya, is located off the coast of Japan, quietly tucked away and it all seems calm and peaceful, until a sudden attack is made by the enemy - Festum. Enter Kazuki; who knows that he must pilot a Fafner in order to defeat Festum. Kazuki is successful, but shortly after the attack it is revealed that the island is artificial. It then begins to move around the ocean in an attempt to evade not only Festum, but the rest of humanity. As a result of the continuous attacks, many of the youth on the island must be trained as Fafner pilots, but Kazuki is the most skilled and qualified. Can the youth of Tatsumiya continue to withstand these brutal attacks by the Festum or will they be destroyed altogether?"

Desire Sensibility (Yokubō Sensibility)
Souta Narazaki (Yūwaku Recipe、Katsuai Monster)
July 21, 2010
Publisher's description: "What could possibly happen between two - working at a call center answering phones all day? Kosugi is a part-time worker and his boss, Ogata is nothing but nice. He is always unapproachable, mean and strict. Scolding Kosugi all the time but he's always trying his hardest. Meanwhile, his coworker, Kaminuma has his eye on Kosugi, and somehow that seems to bother Ogata. Ogata plays his game too well, and he seems to be abusing his authority too much. Would this be considered a sexual harassment at work place or does he care about Kosugi?"

Amazon's listings do not necessarily indicate definite release plans or dates. Geneon released the original 2004 Fafner anime series in North America in 2005, and Digital Manga Publishing released the novel version of Fafner in 2008. A new film, Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Heaven and Earth, is currently in production.

Update: Amazon also lists Narise Konohara's Cold Fever boys-love novel for a June 9 release. Digital Manga Publishing had already released Konohara's Cold Sleep and Cold Light novels.

Update 2: Digital Manga has confirmed its acquisitions of the two new manga titles on its Twitter account. Cold Light has not yet actually shipped in North America. Thanks, kel aka gandy and Cait.

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