Fantagraphics Adds Moto Hagio's A Drunken Dream (Updated)

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Part of new line of manga licensed from Shogakukan, edited by Matt Thorn

The Comic Journal's Journalista blog reports that the North American publisher Fantagraphics Books will release Moto Hagio's short story collection A Drunken Dream and Other Stories as part of a new manga line licensed from Shogakukan of Japan. Manga translator and Kyoto Seika University cultural anthropologist Matt Thorn will edit and curate the new manga line. "A Drunken Dream" is one of the manga stories from Hagio's Kingin Sagan book (pictured at right).

Amazon also lists the first book of Takako Shimura's Wandering Son (Hōrō Musuko) as a December 22 release from Fantagraphics Books.

Hagio helped pioneer both modern shōjo manga and modern science fiction manga. Although Hagio debuted in 1969 and has been popular in Japan ever since, only a handful of her works (A,A', They Were Eleven, "Hanshin") have been released in English. They Were Eleven was eventually made into an anime movie of the same name.

Source: The Manga Curmudgeon

Update: More background information added.

Update 2: Thorn has posted the list of stories in Fantagraphics' book release:

  • "Bianca" (1970, 16 pages)
  • "Girl on Porch with Puppy" (1971, 12 pages)
  • "Autumn Journey" (1971, 24 pages)
  • "Marié, Ten Years Later" (1977, 16 pages)
  • "A Drunken Dream" (1980, 21 pages)
  • "Hanshin" (1984, 16 pages)
  • "Angel Mimic" (1984, 50 pages)
  • "Iguana Girl" (1991, 50 pages)
  • "The Child Who Comes Home" (1998, 24 pages)
  • "The Willow Tree" (2007, 20 pages)

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