U.S. Ruling on Net Neutrality, U.K. Bill on File-Sharing

posted on 2010-04-09 00:12 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

The New York Times newspaper reported on Tuesday that a federal appeals court ruled that Internet service providers can block or slow websites, as well as charge video sites like YouTube and Hulu to deliver content to users. The decision came after Comcast said it had the right to slow its users' access to the file-sharing service BitTorrent. Comcast and other major Internet service providers say that they have no plans to restrict specific types of Web content.

Similarly, the Digital Media Wire website reported on Thursday that the lower house of the British Parliament has passed a "Digital Economy" bill that will potentially suspend Internet connections of those who are repeated offenders of Internet piracy. Initially, Internet service providers will send warning letters to anyone suspected of illegal file-sharing. If that warning is not heeded, suspected users could face slowed-down Internet access or Internet suspension. While the bill is still being discussed in Parliament, it could become law within days.

Thanks to Dan Bray for the U.S. legislation news tip, and to egoist and Fellistowe for the U.K. legislation news tips.

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