KAT-TUN's Akanishi Adds Cities to U.S. Concert Tour

posted on by Gia Manry

KAT-TUN boy band member Jin Akanishi has added at least seven cities to his solo American tour after the success of his Saturday engagement at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, which attracted approximately 2,000 fans (of which his promoters say 80% were non-Japanese). Akanishi's September-October tour stops now include Los Angeles (where he has already performed three concerts), New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Anaheim, and Houston.

Akanishi starred in the live-action drama adaptation of Yukari Ichijo's manga Yukan Club, which featured KAT-TUN single "Keep the Faith" as its theme song. Akanishi also starred in the second season of the live-action adaptation of Kozueko Morimoto's manga Gokusen. His voice acting debut was as the title role in the Japanese-language dub of the 2008 Warner Brothers film Speed Racer.

KAT-TUN has also provided themes to the live-action drama based on Tadashi Agi's wine manga Kami no Shizuku (Les Gouttes de Dieu), and to the live-action drama adaptation of Tomoko Hayakawa's manga Yamato Nadesico Shichi Henge (known as The Wallflower in North America).

Source: Sankei Sports via Tokyograph

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