Aniplex to Ship Durarara, R.O.D via Bandai, Right Stuf

posted on 2010-10-08 00:31 EDT by Egan Loo

Aniplex of America has announced on Friday that it will release the Durarara!! DVDs and the R.O.D -The Complete- Blu-ray Box through Bandai Entertainment and Right Stuf's online stores. Both anime titles will have English dubbing and subtitles, and pre-orders begin on Friday.

The Durarara!! series will ship on DVD in three parts along with exclusive postcards. The first part will ship on January 25, 2011 with episodes 1-9. The second part will ship on March 29, 2011 with episodes 10-17 and the special bonus episode "12.5." The third part will ship in May of 2011 with episodes 18-24 and the special bonus episode 25.

The R.O.D -The Complete- Blu-ray Box will ship with both the Read or Die video series and the R.O.D -The TV- series on January 18, 2011. Aniplex says that the box will have "deluxe and elaborate packaging and cover artwork identical to Japan's Blu-ray box set release."

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