Macross Frontier Singer May'n Stars in 3D Concert Film (Updated)

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Documentary has 3D footage from Tokyo event, with footage from overseas events

A stereoscopic 3D film of Macross Frontier singer May'n (Sheryl Nome) will open in Japanese theaters on February 5, 2011. The documentary May'n the Movie -Phonic Nation- will feature the final stage performance of the singer's 17-stop 2010 summer tour at Zepp Tokyo. The 5.1-channel surround-sound film will use the same 3 Ality Digital equipment that was used for the 2009 U23D film for the Irish rock band U2.

In addition to the 3D concert footage, the film will have the studio recording of the new song "Phonic Nation," backstage footage such as tour rehearsals, and footage from her overseas trips to Singapore, Malaysia, and Los Angeles. The song "Phonic Nation" debuted at the final stage performance of the summer tour.

In January, May'n held a concert at the Nippon Budōkan stadium which sold out on the first day of ticket sales. She also performed at concerts in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. She is going to Singapore next month, followed by her second Budōkan concert in March. Film director Hideaki Sunaga had previously directed music videos for Dragon Ash, Kreva, Shikao Suga, and Ayumi Hamasaki, and he also helmed the film Nagurimono.

A Macross Frontier music video collection will ship in Japan on December 15.

Source: Cinema Today

Update: The official website for the movie has posted a preview page.

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