1st Mardock Scramble Cyberpunk Film's Trailer Streamed

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1st in noir adventure trilogy by Fafner/Le Chevalier D'Eon's Ubukata opened on Saturday

The official website for Susumu Kudo and GoHands' Mardock Scramble anime film trilogy has begun streaming a theatrical trailer for the first film on Saturday.

Mardock Scramble: The First Compression opened in Japan on the same day. Tow Ubukata, the author of the original Mardock Scramble science-fiction novel series, had personally presented the world premiere of Mardock Scramble: The First Compression at New York Comic Con last month.

Viz Media and Simon & Schuster describe the plot of the first novel volume, which will ship in North America next January, as the following:

Why me? It was to be the last thought a young prostitute, Balot, would ever have…as a human anyway. Taken in by a devious gambler named Shell, she became a slave to his cruel desires and would have been killed by his hand if not for a private investigator and his self-aware Universal Tool, Oefcoque. Now a cyborg, Balot has not only physical powers, but the ability to disrupt social environments. She chases after Shell, his partner-in-crime Boiled, and faces down a variety of insane villains in this pulse-pounding cyberpunk noir adventure.

Besides Mardock Scramble, Ubukata created the stories behind the Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor, Le Chevalier D'Eon, Heroic Age, and Pilgrim Jäger anime and manga projects.

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Image © Tow Ubukata/Mardock Scramble Production Committee

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