Digital Manga Inc. Sells Titles on Kobo E-Book Platform

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Describes Kobo as global alternative to Amazon Kindle, which pulled yaoi/boys-love manga

Digital Manga Inc. (DMI), the publisher of the DMP, DMP Platinum, Juné, and 801 Media imprints, announced on Wednesday that it will sell its manga titles on the Kobo Books service for electronic books. DMI describes Kobo Books as "a global alternative to the Amazon Kindle" electronic book platform.

DMI reported earlier this month that the Amazon Kindle platform removed some of its 801 Media and Juné yaoi/boys-love titles, while new submissions were also rejected. Removed DMI titles include Weekend Lovers, King of Debt, The Selfish Demon King, and The Color of Love. Amazon updated its Kindle Direct Publishing Terms and Conditions on April 21, and its publishing policies include restrictions on pornography and offensive material.

The Kobo Books platform supports Apple's iOS devices, Android OS phones and tablets, RIM Blackberry phones and PlayBook tablet, the Palm Prē phone, Windows and Mac OS X personal computers, and many ereader devices except for the Amazon Kindle.

In addition to Kindle and Kobo Books, DMI offers some electronic books on Barnes and Noble's Nook device and its own eManga service. Akadot Retail is holding a sale on the suspended titles in a bundle pack through May 27.

The eBook editions for Kobo Books can be found at June's website.

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