Warren Ellis Comments on Marvel Anime's Publicity

posted on by Andrew Osmond

On Monday, British comic artist Warren Ellis blogged about Marvel's publicity for its upcoming anime series, stressing that he had very little involvement with the final result.

In Ellis's words: "I didn't write scripts, just [story] outlines that were adapted and expanded into scripts by Japanese writers. From what little I've seen of the end result, there's pretty much nothing of my work in them, and I'm not actually screen-credited in the Japanese releases. Which is fair enough. I got paid, and if they didn't use the work, there's no reason to give me a credit, right?"

Ellis notes that his name is mentioned in a recent Marvel press release published on the Comic Book Resources website. The release describes the Marvel series as being "guided by New York Times best-selling author Warren Ellis." After blogging about this mention, Ellis learned from fellow writer Greg Pak that he appeared once on The New York Times bestselling list for hardcover graphic novels — specifically for Absolute Planetary 2.

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