Japanese Box Office, June 25-26

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Super Sentai 199-Hero, Paradise Kiss, Hoshi Mamoru Inu, Moshidora stay in top 10

The entry of two new live-action films into the Japanese top 10 — the American film Super 8 and the Japanese film Andalucia: Megami no Hōfuku — pushed other titles downwards this weekend.

Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199-Hero Daikessen, the film that features all 199 heroes/rangers from the 35-year history of Super Sentai, fell from #2 to #4 in its third week. It made the equivalent of US$1,388,816 on 283 screens, for a total of $8,599,708.

The live-action film adaptation of Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss manga fell from #3 to #5 in its fourth weekend. It made US$1,163,800 more on 304 screens for a total of US$13,417,791. The story follows a high school student named Yukari Hayasaka who is transformed into a fashion model after meeting a group of up-and-coming fashion school students.

The live-action film adaptation of Takashi Murakami's Hoshi Mamoru Inu manga dropped from #4 to #6 in its third week. It made US$819,212, on 317 screens, for a total of $7,742,811. The story follows the final journey that a middle-aged man (Tsuri Baka Nisshi's Toshiyuki Nishida) makes to Hokkaido with his faithful canine companion.

The live-action film adaptation of Natsumi Iwasaki's Moshi Kōkō Yakyū no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management o Yondara novel fell from #5 to #7 in its fourth weekend. It earned US$762,847 on 320 screens for a total of US$9,139,009. In the original novel, a high school girl uses Peter Drucker's classic productivity guide Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices to rally her dispirited baseball team.

Tezuka Osamu no Buddha -Akai Sabaku yo! Utsukushiku and Sengoku Basara - The Last Party are no longer listed on either Kogyo Tsushinsha or Box Office Mojo's charts.

At the top of the box office, the charts disagreed about Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Box Office Mojo placed it at the #1 spot for the sixth weekend running. Kogyo Tsushinsha, though, placed the film at #3, below Super 8 at #1 and Andalucia: Megami no Hōfuku at #2.

Sources: Kogyo Tsushinsha, Box Office Mojo

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