Healing Music, Digital Manga Guild's 2nd Work, Released

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Tatsumi Kaiya's manga about a piano player available on

Digital Manga, Inc.'s Digital Manga Guild released its second manga, Tatsumi Kaiya's Healing Music, on the website on Monday. The manga was localized by the group BLBangBang.

The Digital Manga Guild was first announced at Yaoi-Con 2010 as a collaboration between Digital Manga, Inc., Japanese publishers, and a community of fans to release literally hundreds of titles online for distribution. Under the program, the guild members are credited and paid royalties from online purchases, and the works may be published in print if they prove to be popular.

Kaiya's other works include Physical Attraction, Party, Love Training, and Hot Steamy Glasses, all of which have been published in English by Digital Manga Publishing. describes Healing Music as follows:

Kunio Tokiwa, a spontaneous and gifted pianist, has always been motivated by his desire to please his uncle, a piano tuner. When his uncle dies, Kunio is lost. The night he's about to give up the piano entirely, Kunio is stunned by the sound of a piano tuned and played by the beautiful Yui Hasegawa. Reminded of his beloved uncle, Kunio devotes himself to gaining both Yui's exclusive service and his approval. Not even Yui's cold, mystifying behavior can stop Kunio's efforts, but he keeps hitting sour notes in his clumsy struggles to figure out why Yui's existence is so important to him. When Kunio's words create confusion and hurt, he must find another way to communicate. Can Kunio's Healing Music convince Yui that he's not a replacement for Kunio's uncle and bring them together for an unforgettable, lifelong duet?

DMG releases are available for purchase at, which streams content through an Adobe Flash player, allowing readers to access their library wherever they have an Internet connection. Healing Music and most DMG titles will be priced at US$6.95 or 695 points. DMG released its first title, Aida Saki and Yugi Yamada's Tired of Waiting for Love, in August.

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