Kill Me Baby Anime's Dance Attempted in Real Life

posted on 2012-01-30 19:08 EST by Justin Sevakis
Dance from TV ending theme attempted by real people

Nico Nico Douga user "Hassaku (2012 Ver.)" has posted a video of two unnamed men attempting to recreate the dance from the ending animation sequence of the TV series Kill Me Baby. The video was later cross-posted to YouTube.

Kill Me Baby (also known as "Baby, Please Kill Me!") follows schoolgirl assassin Sonya, and the air-headded Yasuna, who tags along with her, oblivious to the danger involved in doing so. Originally a 4-panel manga by Kaduho, the TV series adaptation debuted on January 5. The original manga had printed an instructional diagram on how to perform the dance. A Gundam version later appeared online.

Thanks to walw6pK4Alo for the tip.

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