Kill Me Baby Anime's Dance Attempted in Real Life

posted on by Justin Sevakis
Dance from TV ending theme attempted by real people

Nico Nico Douga user "Hassaku (2012 Ver.)" has posted a video of two unnamed men attempting to recreate the dance from the ending animation sequence of the TV series Kill Me Baby. The video was later cross-posted to YouTube.

Kill Me Baby (also known as "Baby, Please Kill Me!") follows schoolgirl assassin Sonya, and the air-headded Yasuna, who tags along with her, oblivious to the danger involved in doing so. Originally a 4-panel manga by Kaduho, the TV series adaptation debuted on January 5. The original manga had printed an instructional diagram on how to perform the dance. A Gundam version later appeared online.

Thanks to walw6pK4Alo for the tip.

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