5th Morning Int'l Comic Competition Results Posted

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Ya Shen's "Demi-Human Symbiosis" from Taiwan wins Grand Prize

Kodansha's Morning magazine has posted the results of the 5th Morning International Comic Competition in English. The announcement contains summaries and judges' comments on Ya Shen's Grand Prize-winning "Demi-Human Symbiosis" entry from Taiwan, Second Prize entry "Over the Rainbow" by Brazil's Manguinha, and the seven finalist entries. The announcement also includes comments from the Grand Prize and Second Prize winners on their respective wins.

According to Morning, "Demi-Human Symbiosis" is about a world that "has been split in two areas: one where humans live and another where demons reside. And by the border of these two regions is a place where man and demon coexist. This place is called the “Symbiosis Zone”. One day, the commander of a rescue squad within the Symbiosis Zone came to discover a young babe. To save this child from certain death, the commander would eventually negotiate with the demons. Years later, a rescue squad member named Taesee would head out towards the Symbiosis Zone with hopes of helping the people living in the region. In the process, Taesee would come to make contact a youth who was not befitting of the region. And at that moment demons would appear ready to attack the pair. And before the demons stands an unfazed boy laughing."

"Demi-Human Symbiosis" will be published in the April 24 issue of Morning Two, Morning's spinoff magazine, and it will also be published online alongside "Over the Rainbow" (Not to be confused with Keiko Honda's manga of the same name from 2003) on May 22. Both titles will be posted in their original languages, English, and Japanese.

Morning 2 published the first Grand Prize winner (rem's "Kage no Matsuri") in 2007, published the second Grand Prize winner (Meng-Li Yu/YOVOVA's "Fairy Tale") in 2008, published the third Grand Prize winner (Huang Chun-chan's "Poor Knight") in 2009, and published the fourth Grand Prize winner (Kim DaeJin's "The Unreberating Echo") in 2010.

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