Ippatsu Hyaku-Chū! Devander Video Anime's Promo Posted

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Speed Racer's Sasagawa, Gundam's Okawara make Tatsunoko's 50th anniversary project

Film distributor Shochiku began streaming a promotional video for the original video anime Ippatsu Hyaku-Chū!! Devander on Friday. Tatsunoko Production is producing the "gag mecha battle" anime as its 50th anniversary project. The 90-second video includes anime clips and introduces the story.

Prolific director Hiroshi Sasagawa (Yatterman, Time Bokan, Speed Racer, Gatchaman II) is collaborating with mechanical designer Kunio Okawara (Gundam, Votoms, Brave franchise) on the project. Futago Kamikita and Junki Takegami of the new Yatterman anime are designing the characters and writing the script, respectively.

The story revolves around a spirited, carefree boy named Kazuma Harukaze, who lives with his little sister Sakura and his horse Lovely on a farm within sight of Mt. Fuji. One day, a "meteor" lands nearby, and it turns out to be Hinkeeru — a messenger from Muzanda who has come to warn Earth of a grave danger — and a robot horse named Robony.

The 30-minute anime will be released in a set with a mook (magazine-style book) on October 19, the same day that Tatsunoko was founded 50 years earlier. A promotional video played at Tatsunoko's booth at March's Tokyo International Anime Fair.

Update: Tokyo International Anime Fair reference fixed. Thanks, Stokky.

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