Vividred Operation Anime's Wakaba TV Ad Aired

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Yuka Ōtsubo narrates latest ad for Strike Witches helmer Takamura's show premiering January 10

A sixth commercial for Vividred Operation, the upcoming "girl science-fiction action" anime from ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine and Aniplex, began airing on Friday. Voice actress Yuka Ōtsubo (Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos, Yuruyuri) narrates the commercial as the character Wakaba Saegusa, the committee head for the class that the main character Akane Isshiki transferred into. The video also features the opening theme song "Energy" by Earthmind.

The story is set in a peaceful time on a dreamlike world entirely made possible by science. Five years ago, the world's energy crisis was solved with the creation of the "Expression Engine." Akane is a 14-year-old girl who lives an impoverished but happy life with her little sister and grandfather. However the tranquil daily life that Akane enjoys is shattered by a threat, and she vows to face it in the red battle suit that wields immense power.

As previously revealed, Kazuhiro Takamura will be handling the direction and character designs for the series. Hiroyuki Yoshino (Macross Frontier, Guilty Crown) will be responsible for its scripts, and A-1 Pictures (The [email protected], AnoHana) will be handling the animation production. Hidari (Fractale, Natsuiro Kiseki, [email protected]) and supercell member redjuice (Guilty Crown) are contributing to the concept designs.

The main cast includes Ayane Sakura as Akane Isshiki, Rie Murakawa as Aoi Futaba, Aya Uchida as Himawari Shinomiya, Maaya Uchida as Rei Kuroki, and Asuka Ōgame as Momo Isshiki.

The series is set to premiere on January 10.

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