Harajuku Cosplay Ball in Camden February 10 (Update)

posted on 2013-02-01 05:58 EST
7 p.m. at Proud Camden, free entry.

The Proud Camden in London will host a Japan-themed "Harajuku!" club night on Sunday February 10 from 7 p.m., with free entry. The event's facebook page is here, including a map. There are more details about the Proud Camden venue here.

From the event description:

As the latest installment of London's Japanese themed club night, the event celebrates wonders like Geishas, Lolitas, Gaming, Karaoke and Manga, with a mix of Live Bands, Indie Music and JPOP thrown in for good measure. Competition for the best dressed character is fierce with prizes for winners supplied by none other than Harajuku girl enthusiast, Gwen Stefani.

The event will feature areas for multiplayer gaming, anime screenings and karaoke. It is presented by the Criminal Records group.

Via Otaku News

Update - In the comments section, faintsmile1992 notes that the Proud Camden site states, 'Proud is strictly 18's and over only. No one under the age of 18 or without a drivers license or passport as ID will be allowed in after 6pm.'

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