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New Manga Reborn Website Launches to Offer Digital Manga in English

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
New legal website with fan translations features works by Moyoco Anno, Shuho Sato, Ai Morinaga, more

The Japanese company Beyond Perspective Solutions (BPS Co., Ltd) has launched the Manga Reborn website to allow users to legally read manga digitally in English and Japanese. The website allows for the users themselves translate the manga into different languages and then post the translated versions on the website. Currently, manga series are available in Japanese and English, but the website plans to allow for translation into other languages in the future.

The new website currently features the following manga available in English, although some series currently only have translated sample pages available:

  • Moyoco Anno's Chameleon Army
  • Moyoco Anno's The Five Buffalos Girls (Full Color Edition)
  • Moyoco Anno's Jelly Beans
  • Moyoco Anno's lack of Supervision
  • bash's Eden
  • Erizin's Airabuyu Academy
  • Erizin's Inter-Company Love Letter
  • Kiyoshi Haraguchi's Dandy Wolf
  • Kiyoshi Haraguchi's Hell Madonna
  • Kiyoshi Haraguchi's Monster Girls
  • Kiyoshi Haraguchi's Shagara
  • Darold Higa's Projekt MUSE
  • Akira Himekawa's HIURI
  • Shinji Hiramatsu's Black Angels
  • Miyo Isshiki's Robot
  • Jinn Manga's Jinn
  • Sakura Kaori's The Woman Loved by the Grim Reaper
  • Ikki Matsuda's Dokkouren
  • Ikki Matsuda's Tomato Squash
  • Akemi Matsunae's I'm Not Going to School Anymore
  • Akemi Matsunae's Marriage? No Thanks
  • Akemi Matsunae's Romantic Kingdom
  • Shiina Misako's The Boy and the Box
  • Takeshi Miya's Kaze's Field
  • Akira Mochizuki's The V Sign!
  • momotomakiru's Bonjour Mitsuko
  • momotomakiru's Eccentric Estate
  • momotomakiru's Wasabi Senbei
  • Ai Morinaga's Our XXX Secret
  • Junko Murata's Husky Voice
  • Junko Murata's Kyaaah!
  • Katsumi Nakagawa's Legend of Demonic Dreams
  • Katsumi Nakagawa's The Raving Warrior: Suima-kun
  • Salvatore Nives' Galena Guard
  • Rainsidewalks' Farewell Feeling
  • Mikuni Saho's Plus Mimi R
  • Sai's Until the Moon Sets
  • Shuho Sato's Give My Regards to Black Jack
  • Shuho Sato's New Give My Regards to Black Jack
  • Machiko Satonaka's Machiko's One Thousand and One Nights
  • Shilin's Carciphona
  • Felipe Smith's Deadline ASS-BEATING Vol.1
  • Felipe Smith's LaBrea Undefeated Camp Out Vol.1
  • Kaoru Tada's A Mocking Kiss
  • Nozom Tagchi's Wake Up To Thy Doom
  • Shii Takako's Crown Gall
  • Yaguchi Takao's Fishing Fools
  • Yaguchi Takao's Flap Your Wings, Taroumaru!
  • Yaguchi Takao's Shirobe
  • Joe Umibeno's O-buchou and the Archive Manager Hirata
  • Ken Yagami's Hisoka Returns!
  • Paolo Zeccardo's Gravetown
  • zuizan's Link_A
  • zuizan's They Lurk in the Forest

In April, the website also added it will add new works by Mita Norifusa (Dragon Zakura) and Chūya Koyama (Space Brothers). Currently, these works are only available on the website in Japanese. The first chapter of Koyama's -GGG and Harujump manga and the first chapters of Norifusa's Dragon Zakura, Angel Bank, Silver Anchor, Slash in the Sky, and Invisible Axel are available on the site in Japanese.

Manga Reborn's FAQ listing notes that it cannot distribute hentai works on the site.

Manga Reborn uses a "coin" system to purchase content. In order to purchase the content, users must purchase coins. Users can purchase coins in 1,000-coin increments, and 1 coin costs 1 yen (about US$0.01). Users can also earn "contribution points" by posting comments, reviews, translations, fan art, localizations, or by adding manga. Manga Reborn will reveal the purpose of contribution points at a later date.

Currently, many of the manga available on Manga Reborn are available in English for free, and others cost per chapter. For example, New Give My Regards to Black Jack costs 13 coins per chapter, and O-buchou and the Archive Manager Hirata costs 300 coins per chapter.

Manga Reborn will alternately have an "unlock" feature where manga artists can set a monetary goal for a series before it is available to read. Fans can donate to that goal, and once the goal has been reached, the manga will be available for free to all users. The artist will then get paid the donated money and will also earn money through ad revenue.

The website will also allow for users to upload their original stories and illustrations, and will include forums for users to discuss manga and provide each other with translation or lettering tips.

The website is currently in its second beta-testing phase, and not all features are functional. Manga Reborn notes that it hopes to have all services available by the end of the year.

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