Usotsuki Paradox Live-Action Romance Film's Cast, Date Announced

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Story of 2 lonely coworkers premieres in limited theaters on September 9

The cast and premiere date for the live-action film adaptation of Nanki Satō and Akira Kiduki's Usotsuki Paradox manga were announced on Saturday. The film will star Nami Motoyama (D☆D~ Dare Demo Daisuki, Miniskirt Police television series) as Hinako Seiyū and Akihiro Mayama (Watashi no Dorei ni Nari Nasai, Gokusen 3rd Season television series) as Shunsuke Yōkadō. Kōta Yoshida (Yuriko no Aroma) is writing and directing the film. Additional cast members include Rei Toda, Ruri Shinato, and Miku Aono.

The manga revolves around Shunsuke Yōkadō, a salaryman who is in love with his coworker, Hinako Seiyū. Hinako, however, is currently in a long-distance relationship. One day while working overtime, the atmosphere between the two changes and Hinako and Shunsuke almost engage in an affair, but Hinako stops them. After that incident, a new strange relationship between Hinako and Shunsuke is born, where the two often keep each other company to fill their loneliness.

The wife-husband team behind Ichigo no Gakkō, Maid Shokun!, Manman-chan, An., and Megane × Parfait! launched the 10-volume series in 2009, and Hakusensha published the final volume last June. The manga has more than 400,000 copies in print.

Usotsuki Paradox will get a one-week limited showing at the Human Trust Cinema in Shibuya starting on September 9. The Cinema Today website has posted a gallery of still images from the film.

[Via Cinema Today]

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