Level 5 Streams Yōkai Watch's 'Exercise' Video

posted on 2013-07-11 18:45 EDT by Karen Ressler
Song & dance featured in upcoming free iPhone/Android puzzle game app

Game developer Level 5 began streaming a video on Thursday of a song and dance featuring the characters of its Nintendo 3DS game Yōkai Watch (Supernatural Creature Watch), which ships in Japan on Thursday.

The song and dance, "Yōkai Taisho Daiichi" ("First Supernatural Creature Dance"), is included in the free "Yōkai Taisho Daiichi Puzzle da Nyan" puzzle game app that Level 5 will release in a few days. Level 5 also began streaming the trailer for the app on Thursday. The app, which is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android, displays the song and dance while players complete a color-matching puzzle. Players can earn new monsters to dance with by completing tasks.

The main Yōkai Watch game's story begins one hot summer day when a boy named Keita discovers an old capsule toy vending machine in the forest. Keita receives a mysterious watch and meets a ghost butler named Whisper. Whisper tells Keita that the watch allows him to find hidden supernatural creatures — both good and evil — that he could not see before in everyday life. With Whisper and his other companion Jibanya, Keita explores his town for other ghosts to battle. The player picks a male or female protagonist to befriend supernatural creatures around town and use them in battle against other creatures.

Level 5 has announced plans for anime and manga adaptations of the franchise as well. The anime will premiere in January.

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