Manga Reborn Website Launches Kickstarter to Translate 10 Manga Titles

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Site aims to release titles by Shuho Sato, Ken Yagami, Tsuguo Okazaki, Akira Himekawa, more digitally

Manga Reborn, a website that allows users to legally read manga digitally in English and in Japanese, launched a Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday to translate 10 manga titles into English and distribute them digitally through the website.

The 10 manga the campaign aims to translate are:

  • Shuho Sato's New Give My Regards to Black Jack (Shin Black Jack ni Yoroshiku) manga. 70 chapters.
  • Shinji Hiramatsu's Black Angels manga. 158 chapters.
  • Kiyoshi Haraguchi's Shagara manga. 43 chapters.
  • Ikki Matsuda's Dokkouren manga. 182 chapters.
  • Ken Yagami's Hisoka Returns! manga. 61 chapters.
  • Akira Mochizuki's Low Teen Blues manga. Nine chapters.
  • Tsuguo Okazaki's Metal Black manga. 15 chapters.
  • Katsumi Nakagawa's The Raving Warrior: Suima-kun (Dotō no Saikyō Senshi Suima-kun) manga. 22 chapters.
  • Kyoko Kamishiro's Someone Comes to Kill Me (Dareka ga Koroshi ni Yattekuru) manga. Six chapters.
  • Akira Himekawa's Hiuri manga. 25 chapters.

All the titles have never previously been published in English.

Manga Reborn hopes to raise US$6,000 by November 3 at 2:40 a.m. EST. As of press time, the project has raised US$141. Pledge levels range from US$1 to US$2,500 and rewards include digital copies of the English versions of the above manga, a digital English version of Sato's nonfiction novel Manga Poverty about the state of the manga industry, the ability to choose the next title to be translated on Manga Reborn from the company's library, original art, and a tour of the COMITIA event in Japan.

Manga Reborn launched earlier this year and currently hosts around 500 manga on its site, with 100 of those manga being available in English. Manga Reborn uses crowd-sourcing from its users to translate the manga on its site. The company notes that Kickstarter donations "will be used to find and recruit the best localization team, contact authors, license new manga, and turn this manga into digital content."

Thanks to Dan Luffey and Ian Kragh for the news tip.

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