Further Delays to Cowboy Bebop and Perfect Blue

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Cowboy Bebop Complete DVD Collection and Perfect Blue combi pack both delayed by replication/printing issues.

Anime Limited announced on its website that both the DVD Complete Collection of Cowboy Bebop (right) and the combi pack edition of Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue (below left) have been delayed to December 2, following a series of earlier delays for both titles.

Both releases were affected by issues with replication and printing. In Perfect Blue's case, "the replicators have come back and said there's a problem with printing the packaging for the combipack. What this means, in the tld;dr version – they dun goofed and the print for the cases is too large."

Anime Limited apologises for the continuing delay. "We totally understand the unending frustration you're feeling because we feel it too – believe us, this isn't the ideal scenario for business especially in our first year. We know that with every delay to a title, our customers grow increasingly annoyed and impatient. But our top priority has always been the need to deliver a quality product that makes it worth parting with your money."

December 2 is also the scheduled release for a delayed title from Manga Entertainment, Black Lagoon Roberta's Blood Trail.

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