Federal Judge Rules Against BitTorrent Lawsuit for Multiple Defendants

posted on 2014-02-02 23:35 EST

Iowa federal judge Stephanie Rose ruled that lawsuits against multiple defendants accused of copyright infringement via the BitTorrent file-sharing system are no longer permissible. The judge ruled that even if defendants are sharing the same file on BitTorrent at about the same time period and with the same SHA-1 hash, it is not enough evidence to prove that the individuals shared with one another. Judge Rose reasoned that as the defendants could not be proven to be sharing the files with one another, they could not be named in the same lawsuit.

Funimation has previously sued multiple BitTorrent users for sharing Ip Man and One Piece. The federal judge in Funimation's One Piece lawsuit ruled similarly to Judge Rose's decision, stating that the accused were not "acting in concert."

Source: Torrent Freak via Slashdot

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