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Persona Q's 3DS XL Variant, Bonuses, & More Videos Unveiled

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Persona 3 & 4 characters previewed in videos; soundtrack & other bonuses listed

Atlus revealed that it will release the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth game in a set with a limited-edition Nintendo 3DS XL (known as 3DS LL in Japan) system with an original design. Atlus also outlined the game's bonuses and began streaming two more promotional videos on Friday:

Minato: On the stormy night when the culture festival was canceled... We got drawn into a place we didn't know.
A school we didn't know... A mysterious clock... And so, we met two students who had lost their memories, and began to challenge the mysteries of this world.
Minato: I kind of have a bad feeling about this... But I guess we have to go.
Yukari: Well, we can't just not get out of here forever... Let's do our best, OK?
Aegis: The best solution in this situation is to go out for reconnaissance.
Junpei: Hey, doesn't this place feel... Weird?
Yukari: Oh, stop it! It has to be your imagination-
Aegis: This is what I found.
Mitsuru: Someone is forcefully trapping us in this world.
Ken: I wonder what's here...
Akihiko: I'm going to go. Shinji, you come, too.
Shinjiro: Why are YOU deciding these things, you meathead?
Akihiko: What'd you say?
Zen: ...How does this work?
Junpei: What's up with this experience from the mysterious!? Count me out!
Fuka: This might be my imagination... But I sense Shadows!
Rei: Zen, let's get out of here together.
Zen: Yeah... Let's.
Shadow: You will always be in this world. I will not let you out.
Mitsuru: If I rest for just a little...
Yosuke: Yo! Sorry to keep you waiting!
Minato: We became allies with energetic Persona-users from another world, and started to adventure with them.
Yukari: “Tell me your three sizes”!?
Mitsuru: Who was the one who wrote the lecherous question!? I'll execute you!!
Yosuke: Whoa whoa! Your Persona is coming out!!
Teddy: Punishment, please!
Rei: Mm, this is sweet has a strange texture... It's very pulpy... Bleh.
Junpei: It's paper! Paper!!
Minato: In the midst of the battles, we have fun with each other, and sometimes we don't get along... But the power of our bonds is blooming.
Minato: What is the real reason that the Persona-users were gathered in this other world?
Minato: Meetings will make people strong.
Yuu: The last day of the Yasogami culture festival... An unusual phenomenon occurred at the sound of the bell that suddenly rang. A clock that shouldn't be on campus... And students we had never seen before. Somewhere along the way, we had been trapped inside an otherworldly labyrinth.
Yuu: This looks similar to the real Yasogami High, but it looks like it's a different place.
Yosuke: I guess that's why all the students are acting weird...
Chie: A clock tower...? Like in the 7 Mysteries!?
Yosuke: So? What happens when you listen to the bell's last ring?
Yukiko: You die.
Yosuke: Wait! That's too simple!
Yukiko: Um... You take your last breath?
Yosuke: I don't mean how you're explaining it!
Yukiko: It's all right, Chie. No matter what comes out, just think about it as a ghost.
Rise: Wait... Straight ahead, there's Shadows.
Teddy: Oh come on... If there were REALLY Shadows, Teddy's nose sensor would... They're here!! Lots of Shadows are here!!
Kanji: Are these Shadows locking us in here!?
Naoto: Most likely, our clue is the labyrinth we just saw...
Zen: Who are you?
Rei: I got my memories taken away.
Zen: Someone hid my memories away.
Yuu: Together with the two people who say that they are first year students at Yasogami, we challenge the mysteries of the labyrinth as we wander its paths.
Yukiko: Zen, that's the wrong target! It looks similar, but it's not that one!
Zen: Sorry. I made a mistake.
Yuu: And in the heat of battle, we met Persona-users from another world and became their allies.
Teddy: Teddy has a great view!!
Teddy: T-Teddy...
Mitsuru: …! It's an enemy attack! Teddy is down!
Naoto: No... He's just dried up. I believe he will return to normal if we put water on him.
Rei: I'll drink too! All in one!
Zen: Rei, don't drink it.
Yuu: Even in the midst of battle... At the culture festival, we drink, eat, and even do arranged dates... And so, we begin to form great bonds with our new allies. What is the real reason that the Persona-users were gathered in this other world?
Yuu: Meetings will make people strong.

The game will ship in Japan on June 5. People who pre-order the game will receive the Persona Q: Sound of the Labyrinth original soundtrack. The CD will feature the new music from the game, in special re-arrangements by the Atlus sound team that can only be heard on this CD.

There will also be a Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Famitsu DX Pack with the game itself, a B2-size tapestry illustrated by the Persona Q anime staff, an A3-size clear poster illustrated by Atlus, a set of five different visual clear file folders, an original mug cup, and a Graphig paper figure of Rei.

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