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Persona 4 U2 Game Videos Introduce Rise, Promote PS3 Port

posted on by Emma Hanashiro
Port of fighting game with Persona 3 & 4 characters ships in Japan August 28

The official YouTube channel for Japanese game developer Atlus began streaming three promotional videos for the upcoming PlayStation 3 port of the Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultrasuplex Hold arcade game, the sequel to Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (Persona 4 Arena outside Japan).

    Narrator: A few days after the tournament... The Midnight Channel returns!
    Teddy: An all-out battle explodes!
    Narrator: The battle wasn't over! The stage is the real world, where a new tournament begins. P-1 Climax!
    Yukari: They said that Mitsuru-senpai and the others got captured...
    Junpei: Fūka!? Is it true that you got captured!? Answer me!
    Narrator: A hot battle brought to you by the greatest tag-team. What's going to happen this time around!?
    Narrator: Her fury makes kids cry! The super harsh Pink Sniper! Yukari Takeba!
    Yukari: W-Wait! This is definitely wrong...
    Narrator: Simply simple AAA simply easy-going ta-ta-ta! The super-speed full-power racing slugger! Junpei Iori!
    Junpei: Um, even I can't follow that...
    Narrator: Oh, we've got an emergency entry here!
    Shō: Now, let's get started!
    Narrator: The mysterious new character: Sho Minazuki! A man who laughs at enemies with his red hair. Who is this guy!?
    Narrator: The heat is up with new characters! Gather once again, Persona-users!!
    Yū: The town... The entire world is in danger! I'll settle the score tonight...
    Text: The story to the "conclusion" is beginning...
    Junpei: Huh? What's going on?
    Text: A red fog that envelops the world of reality.
    Text: The Midnight Channel returns.
    Yū: Everyone, please be safe...
    Text: Save your allies who have been captured!
    Text: The story of what happened after Persona 4 is finally completed!
    Yū: I'm going to finish this!
    Shadow Yōsuke: Ha! You're weak. What's up with all this stuff about "bonds"? Don't make me laugh.
    Text: Your other self stands up to fight.
    Text: A Shadow army goes berserk
    Shadow Kanji: Ah, hurry up and accept me!
    Text: I am a shadow... I am the true self.
    Shadow Yukiko: Everything should just burn. Things that burn while still alive are very beautiful, right?
    Text: And who is the mastermind!?
    Text: A man who calls himself the "culprit"
    Shō: I'm Sho Minazuki. I'm what you'd call the "culprit." You're the leader, right? You know, of this stupid friend charade.
    Text: "Lonelines" is true "strength."
    Text: The disappearance of allies and the truth behind the red fog...
    Yū: What are you aiming to do!?
    Shō: Shut up, idiot! I'll erase you!
    Adachi: You guys are still as immature as ever.
    Rise: P-1 Climax? You mean they're doing that thing from before in the real world!?
    Rise: Where's Narukami-senpai!? Is everyone all right!?
    Rise: It's all the way up... At the top?
    Rise: Wait for me... Senpai, everyone!
    Rise: I'm going to do this!
    Narrator: Oh, look at this! This is a special appearance!
    Narrator: The complete pervert super idol! Rise Kujikawa!
    Rise: I didn't know my Persona could become like that... what's going on? But no matter what anyone says... I have no intention of losing! I'll try and do what I can!
    Rise: Thanks for coming to Rise-cchi's stage today!
    Shadow Rise: Ahaha, I'm going to give you some special service...

The PlayStation 3 port of the arcade game will ship in Japan on August 28. First copies will come with a code to download extra scenario set for the game.

The story takes place only a few days after the events of Persona 4 Arena, when the town of Inaba is clouded in a shroud of red fog in which time is warped and people disappear. Inaba has almost become like the world inside the television. To add to it all, the members of the Persona 4 team find Mitsuru and Akihiko being crucified on the Midnight Channel. In front of the Inaba students appear Yukari and Junpei, members of the Shadow Worker unit who have come to the rural town in order to save their upperclassmen.

Atlus released the first Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena game in Japan last summer on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and Atlus USA released the game in North America.

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