Shin Hayarigami's Heroine, Story Unveiled

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Horror-adventure game will be released for PS3, PSV on August 8

The 565th of ASCII Media Work's Dengeki PlayStation magazine introduced the heroine and story for Nippon Ichi Software's Shin Hayarigami PlayStation 3 and PS Vita game on Thursday.

The game will start in the "Blind Man Arc," which follows the protagonists as they try to capture the serial killer "Blind Man," who murders his victims to feed his rage. The Blind Man Arc will serve as a prologue for the game, and the player can tackle one of seven different arcs depending on the actions they take. After all seven arcs have been cleared, a final arc will be opened for the player to challenge.

The game follows 25-year-old protagonist Saki Hōjō and 36-year-old Sōjirō Sekimoto. Although Saki is usually quite cool, she also has a side of her that is quite cowardly. However, she is very good at acting and making lies. Sōjirō is a former college professor who studied urban myths, but is now a suspect for a murder case. He claims to have knowledge about an incident that happened in a village, and agrees to assist Saki in the case.

The horror adventure game franchise opened a pink teaser website on April 1 that announced that "production on a new Hayarigami has been green-lit." However, since April 1, the site has been slowly darkening and changing to a creepier image as time passes.

The first Hayarigami game was released in Japan in 2004, followed by Hayarigami 2 and Hayarigami 3 for PlayStation 2. NIS has ported the games onto multiple platforms since their release.

NIS had announced plans for a live-action film in 2012, but then announced that the project had been indefinitely postponed since its partner Music Cinemas Japan filed for bankruptcy.

The game will be released for both consoles on August 8.

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