ufotable's Ohenro Anime Ad and Cast Released

posted on 2014-05-01 17:30 EDT by Emma Hanashiro
Anime about Japanese Temple Pilgrimage to premiere on May 3

Anime studio ufotable announced the cast on Wednesday for its upcoming anime project Ohenro ~Hachi Hachi Aruki~ (Ohenro. Eighty-Eight Steps Chronicle). The cast will include Nanami Yamashita (Wake Up, Girls!) as Mao, Yuri Ehara as Sawa, and Marika Kouno as Megumi. Additionally, ufotable released a commercial on its official YouTube channel introducing main characters and revealing that the show will premiere in Japan on May 3 at 11:15 a.m. on OHK. The episodes will run for 30 minutes each.

"Ohenro" refers to a pilgrim completing the Shikoku pilgrimage traditionally done by foot to eighty-eight Buddhist temples. The anime's story will follows three high school girls as they complete the pilgrimage in commemoration of its 1200 anniversary. The original Ohenro. stories are produced by ufotable. They began last October and new installments are available on the official website every Tuesday. In each installment (like the one pictured below), the girls visit a new location and have a conversation about it.

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