Persona Q 4th Full Trailer Features Elizabeth, Margaret

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Nintendo 3DS game shipping on June 5 unites Persona 3, 4 characters

Japanese video game publisher Atlus began streaming the fourth full promotional video for its upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Nintendo 3DS game on Friday.

    Elizabeth: Welcome to the world of Persona Q. My name is Elizabeth, and you are the protagonist of this new adventure. Allow me to speak a little bit about the mysterious story that will unfold...
    Elizabeth: One day, you heard the sound of a strange bell. That was the signal to draw in Persona-users from another world. Where you awoke was a creepy school with a large clock tower. In this alternate world where monsters called "Shadows" exist, you will meet many comrades, with whom you will adventure with to find a way back to your own world.
    Margaret: What we spoke of just now is just the prologue. Unthinkable twists and turns will be waiting for you up ahead. My apologies. I am Elizabeth's elder sister, Margaret. Along with my younger sister, I shall now guide you through the world of Persona Q.
    Text: Two protagonists
    Elizabeth: First, we will have you choose one of two male protagonists. Depending on the boy you choose, a different story will be waiting for you.
    Text: Party creation
    Elizabeth: There are a total of 20 comrades you can bring with you. You may choose five at maximum from these characters with variant skills to join you in the labyrinth. Of course, you can always change your party during your adventure. Depending on the characters you choose, you might hear special conversations between them.
    Aegis: Here I go, sub-leader!
    Minato: I'm counting on you!
    Text: Labyrinth exploration & map-drawing
    Elizabeth: In this parallel world, you will adventure through a dungeon called a labyrinth.
    Yukiko: Here, it's this way.
    Elizabeth: Inside of the labyrinth, extremely powerful enemies called F.O.E.s and various traps await you.
    Text: You heard the sound of the gate closing...
    Elizabeth: It appears to be a very powerful labyrinth, but if you draw out the paths you've already walked, surveying the area will become a very easy task. As you draw your own unique map, please clear the labyrinth. By the way, the map that I made is a cute tricolor one!
    Margaret: Ahem! Are you not a bit worried? Do not fret. There is an "auto-map" option included that can help you with your surveying. It makes it so that anyone can enjoy their journey.
    Text: Battle
    Margaret: Inside of the labyrinth, battles with mysterious foes named "Shadows" are waiting for you. You must defeat Shadows using the power of your heart: your Persona. A Persona is another part of yourself that you can summon. It is the power of a mask to face off against Shadows. With this power, at times, gods will appear in the form of demons. You are able to naturally summon your Persona. Depending on the enemy, when a player hits an enemy's weak point, they are able to obtain a boost. Along with being able to have the advantage against an enemy in the next attack, the character will also be able to activate a "pursuit attack." It will become easier for the entire party to activate a "combined attack" that can attack all enemies. This world is not something you can overcome alone.
    Elizabeth (speaking over) & Margaret: If you borrow the power of your allies and Personas, you should be able to get close to any enemy.
    Elizabeth: You can of course change the difficulty. This way, even if it's your first time adventuring, you can have fun and play till the end.
    Text: Quests
    Elizabeth: Within your travels, myself or your allies will give you requests. If you can complete these quests, you will receive compensation. How about accepting many quests throughout the story and making fun memories?
    Elizabeth: The meetings made within the other world will eventually grow into deep bonds.
    Margaret: Thickening mysteries. A towering gate. Ready, set...
    Elizabeth & Margaret: In this parallel world, new meetings and adventures await you. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.
    Margaret: ...We didn't synchronize on anything except the title.
    Elizabeth: I request that we do one more take.

The story of the new game takes place on the last day of the Yasogami High culture festival. During the event, the heroes of Persona 4 see a strange bell tower appear on the school grounds. The heroes of Persona 3 also hear the bell, and are dragged into the future where the Persona 4 cast awaits. They are locked in the school covered in Shadows, but meet two mysterious individuals named Zen and Rei, who have lost their memories. The cast soon learns that Zen and Rei's lost memories may be the key to solving the mystery of the bell tower's sudden appearance.

Although only one of the silent protagonists can lead the party, players will experience a different story depending on the protagonist they choose. By choosing the Persona 4 hero, players will experience a story more closely involved with the Persona 4 cast and vice versa.

The game will ship in Japan on June 5, 2014 and this fall in North America.

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