DeNA's Manga Box App Adds New Series by Getbackers' Seimaru Amagi

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App adds 15 new series in English

DeNA's free Manga Box smartphone and tablet app added 16 new series, including Genji the Death's Friend (Tōkyō Genji Monogatari) by Seimaru Amagi and Minami Ozaki.

Manga Box describes the story:

"People often die around me." A series of bizarre "deaths" stalks Genji. While a string of haunting memories and mystery surround him, all rooted in his childhood. A dear friend, a murder, and a curse. As more and more "deaths" unravel, the horrifying truth behind the origin grows ever more entangled. Seemingly the only keys to solve these mysteries, are the charismatic shinigami Touya, and Genji's own memories.

Seimaru Amagi is one of many pen names for Tadashi Agi, the creator of Getbackers, Kindaichi Case Files, The Knight in the Area, and The Drops of God manga. Agi is also serving as editor-in-chief of the app. Artist Minami Ozaki previously worked on the Zetsuai 1989, Bronze: Zetsuai since 1989, and Debichiru! Devil Children manga.

Manga Box also added:

  • Oh God! Dear God! (Haratama Kiyotama) by Akane Nagano (Fantasia)
  • Shinjuku DxD by Yuma Ando, Takanori Yasaka, and Ponjea
  • Old Man Frog (Kaeru no Ossan) by Zenyu Shimabukuro
  • Tawara Cat (Tawara Neko to Machigai Jinsei) by Torako Hidaka
  • Bushido Academy (Take Dake Dake! - Takedakei Gentei) by Tomoe Kasahara
  • Destroyed Century JOKER (Hōkai Seiki Joxer) by SERA WORKS
  • The Wheel of Life (Ruten no Teruma) by Kuranishi
  • BEYOND EVIL (Aku no Higan) by Miura and Ogino
  • Eyaminokami - The Plague Princess by Toru Fujisawa and Hirokazu Ochiai
  • Student Council ~ Total Takeover (Seitokai Sōsenkyo) by Yatsuki
  • Money Fight by Mix Up
  • Kindaichi Case Files: The Mini-Vacation (Kindaichi Shōnen no Ippaku Futsuka Shōryokō) by Awabako, Seimaru Amagi, and Fumiya Sato
  • Mission in the South! (Minamisshon!) by Toru Hisaka and Hiyori Mikagami
  • The Host-man by Satoshi Kinoshita

Some of the manga featured on Manga Box are being published simultaneously in both English and Japanese, and the app is available on the iTunes store and on Google Play in 140 countries and regions around the world. DeNA also plans to add more languages to the app in the future.

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