Matthew Mercer, Orion Acaba, Cristina Vee Star in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD/Agito Dub

posted on 2014-06-12 09:55 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
Square Enix announced HD remake for Xbox One & PS4 at E3

Voice actors Matthew Mercer, Orion Acaba, and Cristina Vee revealed that they will star in the English dub cast of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy Agito video games.

Mercer will voice Trey

Acaba will voice Nine

Vee will voice Cinque

Final Fantasy Type-0 is getting a Western release as an HD remake for the Xbox One and PS4. Square Enix originally released the Final Fantasy Type-0 role-playing game on the PlayStation Portable in Japan in October 2011.

In the free-to-play Final Fantasy Agito mobile game, players are elite Akademia cadets aiming to become an Agito by completing combat missions and deepening their friendships by interacting with NPCs. On weekdays, players enjoy a normal school life with their classmates, and on weekends players work together to battle enemy bosses. The fate of the world is reliant on the game's "decision" system where votes of players affect the world's history.

Tabata, who also produced Final Fantasy Agito, revealed in an interview with website US Gamer last year that not only will Final Fantasy Agito "definitely" be localized for a Western audience, but that he was hoping to bring Agito's companion title — Final Fantasy Type-0 — to the West via Sony's PlayStation Network. Square Enix registered trademarks for the "Final Fantasy Agito" title and logo in Europe.

Final Fantasy Agito launched in Japan on May 14.

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