Hōzuki no Reitetsu OAD's Main Trailer Streamed

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Original video anime episodes premiere in December in theaters before shipping in bundles with Natsumi Eguchi's manga

King Records began streaming the main trailer for the upcoming original anime DVD (OAD) episodes of Hōzuki no Reitetsu that will be bundled with volumes of Natsumi Eguchi's original manga. The video promotes the premiere screening of the episodes, which will be held in December.

Narrator: To all the people who are currently living...
Narrator: Unforgettable memories.
Narrator: Pasts that won't disappear.
Narrator: After losing everything, what is obtained is...
Hōzuki: Judgement.
Hōzuki: Just what is this rehash? That's why this piece of iron is so droopy!!
Momotaro: Hey, that's expensive!
Enma: Oh, it's that time again?
Hōzuki: Slacking off again?
Momotaro: Hōzuki's illegitimate children...!
Ichiko: We don't have
Niko: A house to live in anymore...
Momotaro: What are they looking at me for!?
Momotaro: What are you guys doing!?
Hōzuki: Sorry. Spur of the moment.
Gon: Hey bro, come by our store.
Koban: This is a big scoop...!
Nasubi: Here it comes!
Hakutaku: Past failures could become future masterpieces, you know.
Karauri: Um, I get nothing but bad vibes from this!
Miki: Let's go, meow!
Peach: Let's have lots of fun!
Hōzuki: I have a favor to ask of you.
Peach: Hm?
Text: A single wish that couldn't be said for so long
Narrator: That was a a future wished for by people praying to heaven. Our treasure that can't be seen with the eyes.
Text: The long-awaited new installment om the work that enveloped the world with teardrops.
Narrator: The miraculous story that the world cried at isn't over yet.
Hōzuki: You did it... AGAIN!?
Hakutaku: You split it in half!!
Hōzuki: Hell as it means to people... That's just everyday life for demons. Hozuki no Reitetsu.
Director: Just a little bit longer till the show!

The Hozuki no Reitetsu All Stars will perform the opening theme song "Jigoku no Sata mo Kimi Shidai" (Hell's State of Affairs Depends on You Too). Hozuki (voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto), Great King Enma (Takashi Nagasako), Peach Maki (Sumire Uesaka), Gon (Yoshimasa Hosoya), and the zashiki warashi Ichiko and Niko (Satomi Satou, Yui Ogura). The group's first album, Hyakki Yagyō ~Jigoku Sata mo You Jidai~ (Hyakki Yagyō: Hell's State of Affairs Depends on You Too), will ship in Japan on December 3.

Advance screenings of the new anime will start on December 6 in 11 theaters throughout Japan. The episodes will then be bundled with limited edition versions of the 17th, 18th, and 19th volumes of Natsumi Eguchi's original manga. The three bundles will ship on February 23, May 22, and August 21 of next year.

The OADs will reunite the television anime's staff:

  • Director/AR Director: Hiro Kaburaki
  • Assistant Director: Norihiro Naganuma
  • Script: Midori Gotou
  • Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Hirotaka Katō
  • Sound Production: Sound Team Don Juan
  • Music: TOMISIRO
  • Music Production: Starchild Records
  • Animation Production: Wit Studio

The dark comedy revolves around Hōzuki (Hiroki Yasumoto), the fierce aide to the Great King Enma (Takashi Nagasako). Calm and super-sadistic, he tries to resolve problems that often occur in Hell.

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