Collected Nisemonogatari Released Monday on Blu-ray and DVD

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Also, DVD edition of Kabukimonogatari.

On Monday December 22, MVM will release a collected edition of Nisemonogatari, part of the Monogatari franchise, on both Blu-ray and DVD. From the Anime-on-line website:

Crab, snail, monkey, snake and cat... Supernatural incidents revolving around five girls were solved thanks to Koyomi Araragi. With these mysteries laid to rest, Koyomi Araragi can now begin to live a normal life, or at least so it seems...

His "unusual" life starts when Koyomi wakes up in a ruined school building, captured and chained by Hitagi Senjyogahara. She says, "I will protect you, Araragi!" Exactly what is Senjyogahara up to?! With Koyomi's two younger sisters Karen and Tsukihi (a.k.a the Fire Sisters) now involved, Koyomi once again finds himself tangled with apparitions!

MVM has already confirmed that it now has stock of its titles which experienced some delay last week: The Garden of Sinners (DVD), WATAMOTE (Blu-ray) and Kabukimonogatari, another part of the Monogatari franchise, on Blu-ray. The DVD edition of Kabukimonogatari (pictured left) will be released on Monday. From the Anime-on-Line website:

On August 20th, on his way to delivering Mayoi what she had forgotten at his home, Koyomi encounters Yotsugi Ononoki, a familiar girl. Koyomi spends the day buying Yotsugi ice cream instead of doing what he originally planned to do. Unable to find Mayoi, Koyomi gives up and heads home and realizes that he has not done any of his summer assignments, even though tomorrow was the first day of school. With help from Shinobu, Koyomi travels back to the past so that he can finish them, but instead, they end up traveling back 11 years ago!

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