Shirobako Preview Making-of Videos on Blu-rays/DVDs

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Aoi's voice actress Juri Kimura meets animators at P.A. Works studio

Warner Brothers Anime is streaming a preview of the "Shirobako no Shirobako ga Dekiru Made!" ("Up Until the Shirobako of Shirobako is Completed!") specials that are included in the Japanese Blu-ray and DVD releases for the Shirobako anime. In the specials, voice actress Juri Kimura (Aoi) interviews staff members at P.A. Works animation studio about their jobs.

Before the previews start, the mascots Roro and Mimuji (voiced by Kimura) explain the meaning of the show's title: "Shirobako" means "white box," a reference to the white case the finished episode's tape is put in. (These days, it is actually a DVD.) Then, they introduce Kimura as a "reporter" who is going to visit P.A. Works' headquarters in Toyama.

Kimura first meets with representative director Kenji Horikawa to discuss the first step in anime production: the project planning. The plan evaluates staff and viewers and is presented to potential sponsors. The full interview is included on the first Blu-ray/DVD volume, which shipped in Japan on December 24.

Kimura then talks to line producer Shōji Sōma about the process of creating a screenplay, and he explains that there are two different types: the original type and the adaptation type. The full interview is included in the second home video volume, which shipped on Wednesday.

She then talks to Fumihiko Suganuma (storyboard on episodes 7 and 13) about the storyboard process. The full interview will be included with the third home video volume on February 25.

She talks to Miki Nishikawa about the key animation drawing, and to in-between animator Sho Sugita and animation director Kousuke Kawazura about the animation. Nishikawa explains that it is her job to draw the origin of the movement, and the animators fill in the rest. Sugita says that his job is to carefully trace the key frames and create individual frames in between. He can do about 15 pages a day, but very fast animators can do 18-20. Kawazura explains that his job is to bring everything together. The full interviews will be included with the fourth home video volume on March 25.

Finally, she talks to Naomi Nakano about color and finishing and to Kazuya Sugao about CG. Nakano explains that her job is to color the scans of the drawings one at a time, and how she has color keys for characters in different situations, such as "at night" and "inside." The full interviews will be included with the fifth home video volume on April 22.

Warner Brothers Anime is also streaming a preview of the commentary in volume 2:

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