Nintendo Excludes Smash Bros From YouTube Partner Program

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Nintendo Creators Program offers ad revenue cut for YouTube streams

Nintendo launched its Nintendo Creators Program this week. The program allows YouTube content creators to receive revenue from advertising proceeds from their videos that feature Nintendo properties. A property "whitelist" includes the games allowed by the program, but no Super Smash Bros titles are included.

Nintendo began claiming ad revenue generated from video content featuring its games on the streaming service YouTube in 2013. The company is not looking to block the videos, but instead place ads around them that would generate revenue for the company instead of the videos' posters. The Nintendo Creators Program will give the video creators a cut of the revenue. If a creator submits their entire channel for approval to Nintendo, YouTube takes 40 percent and the remainder is split, with the channel owner taking 70 percent and Nintendo taking 30 percent.

The channel owners must remove any game videos on the channel not containing Nintendo-related content before it is approved. Alternatively, users can submit videos individually for approval. In that case, the creator gets 60 percent of the advertising revenue and Nintendo will take 40 percent.

Nintendo initially stated that channel and video approvals would take approximately one to three business days, but the high volume of submissions is causing delays.

Source: Venture Beat (Link 2) via Game Politics

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