Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Game's 'CPA Orientation' Video Streamed

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Video describes battle system that uses Blood Codes for PS Vita game shipping in North America on June 9

NIS America began streaming a "CPA Orientation" video for its English release of the Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy video game for the PlayStation Vita on Tuesday. The video explains how to form a party while putting Blood Codes into consideration.

The story follows two girls who hold the key to solving serial kidnappings in Tokyo. Contrary to rumors, the case is not just an urban legend. Victims continue to disappear, with those kidnapped being mainly youths. A group of strange people were spotted at the scene of the crime. Taking the brunt of the incidents are the students of the Public Nichirin Academy, where the X Team also attend school.

However, the incidents do not end there. A strange case occurs when people and buildings are suddenly damaged or just disappear. The girls stand up against a large enemy of unknown origin who is suspected to be the culprit of the "Sprawl Terror" incidents. In the midst of that group, there is someone that the girls know very well.

Tetsu Kurosawa and Oxijiyen (Demon's Gaze) designed the characters and Motoya Ataka directed the game. The game was released for the PlayStation Vita on January 23 in Japan. A sequel is currently in the works.

The company will release Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy dungeon role-playing game in physical and digital editions in North America on June 9 and Europe on June 5. The Limited Edition will retail for US$54.99 and includes a visual fanbook, a soundtrack CD, the game, and a special box.

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