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Sekai Project to Release fault milestone two side:above, Nekopara Vol. 0 PC Games

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Also: Tenshin Ranman, Nenokami: The two princess knights of Kyoto, Witch boy magical piece

North American visual novel publisher and localizer Sekai Project announced at its panel at Otakon on Saturday that it will release the following visual novels: Yuzusoft's Tenshin Ranman, Kuro Irodoru Yomiji's Nenokami: The two princess knights of Kyoto, Rosemary House's Witch boy magical piece, Alice in Dissonance's fault milestone two side:above, and Neko Works' Nekopara Vol. 0.

Yuzusoft originally released the adult PC game Tenshin Ranman: Luck or Unlucky!? in May 2009, and then the game was ported to the PSP in 2010. The game follows Haruki Chitose, a very unlucky young man. One day, a package arrives at his doorstep without an address or sender that is marked with the label "living creature," and he finds a girl inside.

Kuro Irodoru Yomiji will release the Nenokami: The two princess knights of Kyoto yuri game in Japan in August in both an adult version and an all-ages version. The game follows a female high school student named Ren, who is reunited with her childhood friend Shinonome. Shinonome then suddenly tells Ren, "As of today, I'm going to have you abandon this town... and your life." Ren then learns the truth about the reality of her world.

Rosemary House released the Witch boy magical piece smartphone boys-love game in Japan last year. Sekai Project describes the game as follows:

When mysterious organisms called "Creatures" attacked the Earth, the government was powerless to resist their onslaught. As the world was gripped by fear, the development of "Magic" by reverse engineering the Creatures technology enabled the government to fight back.
Sakurai Hinata is your average high school student. Because of his aptitude for magic he is forced to transform into a beautiful girl and wield magic. A witch.
Together with four other boys with similar talents (except one who is forced to cross dress due to his low aptitude) they fight the increasingly powerful creatures.
At first, Hinata struggles but as time passes a feeling of camaraderie develops and maybe something far stronger than just camaraderie begins to take root between them.

Sekai Project previously launched a Kickstarter campaign for Alice in Dissonance's Fault Milestone One -directors cut- visual novel last year, and the company published the game on Steam. Sekai Project describes fault milestone two side:above as follows:

fault milestone two side:above is a Cinematic Visual Novel that takes place right after the events of fault milestone one. With the addition of a new 3D camera system, fault milestone two aims to introduce a more immersive and "larger than life" reading experience. Follow the grand science fantasy story of Selphine and the gang as they make their way back to their homeland!

Nekopara Vol. 0 is the fandisc prequel to Neko Works' Nekopara Vol. 1 visual novel, which Sekai Project released (in an all-ages version) on Steam in December 2014. Sekai Project also released an adult version of the game.

The company describes Nekopara Vol. 0 as follows: "Get to know Chocola, Vanilla and the rest of the gang on a typical day at home in the Minaduki household. Needless to say, things are less than normal..."

Finally, the company announced that it will release Idol Magical Girl Chiruchiru ☆ Michiru at the end of this month on Steam. The spinoff game was funded with its The Fruit of the Grisaia Kickstarter. The first game in the Grisaia trilogy launched on Steam at the end of May.

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