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Snow White & Black Tight Pants, Wow! Youjo Tsuyoi!, Kodomo Oku-tan, Magical Trans! translated

eBook Initiative Japan began offering the first chapters of four of its manga in Indonesian on its MangaMon Indonesian web manga site on Saturday. All four manga launched and are offered on the company's Minkomi (Minna no Comic) web manga site in Japanese. The manga offered in Indonesian include Sekizai Mikage's Snow White & Black Tight Pants (Shiroyuki-hime to Kuro Tights), Hade na Kangofu's Wow! Youjo Tsuyoi! (Uwa Yōjo Tsuyoi), Aya Kadoi's Kodomo Oku-tan, and Yutaka Kashii's Magical Trans! (Magi Tora!).

MangaMon describes Snow White & Black Tight Pants:

Mirei Kurokawa is a new student at the Seiryū all-girls school. Due to her gloomy, unapproachable nature, she can't get along with her classmates, who promptly begin calling her "Snow White." Everything changes when she meets another girl named Yukine, who becomes very interested in her.

Mikage (Gas Mask Girl) launched the manga last December, and published the manga's fifth chapter on April 27.

MangaMon describes Wow! Youjo Tsuyoi!:

The Tokyo Big Sight is a site of fear. It has been years after strange beings known as OTA occupied the structure, and forced an evacuation of Odaiba. The saviors of this land of despair are a group of elementary school girls equipped with red backpacks.

Hade na Kangofu (Danchi Majo) launched the series last November, and published the manga's fifth chapter on March 4.

MangaMon describes Kodomo Oku-tan:

Kotarō Harukaze is a graphic artist who works at a game company, but he has no skill in drawing girls. But he has a five-year-old sister named Nene who helps him all the time.

Kadoi (Kakyūsei) launched the series last November, and published the manga's seventh chapter on April 11.

MangaMon describes Magical Trans!:

Although Minami is a guy, upon seeing the magical girl club's flyer saying that the club was looking for more members, he imagined a club full of beautiful girls cosplaying, and signed up immediately, expecting paradise. But when he meets club president Chiyoko, he learns the truth: this is a club where you actually become a magical girl!

Kashii (Absurd Life!) launched the manga last November, and published the manga's seventh chapter on April 11.

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