Developers: Steam Will Review Games' Content Before Action is Taken

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Steam tells developers to "disregard previous notice" about 2-week ultimatum to alter games' alleged adult content

MangaGamer, Sekai Project, Neko Works, Lupiesoft, Huniepop, and other game developers and publishers reported over the weekend that digital game publishing platform Steam has contacted them regarding the recent notices they have received about publishing adult content on Steam. According to the developers, the new notice stated that developers and publishers should "disregard the previous notice," and that the games will be re-reviewed. MangaGamer added that Steam said it will provide MangaGamer with "specific feedback if there are concerns about the game's content."

MangaGamer previously shared part of Steam's alleged previous notice, referring to the company's Kindred Spirits On The Roof game:

We've discovered pornographic depictions in your product: Kindred Spirits On The Roof. This is a violation of our rules and guidelines for content that can be distributed on the Steam platform. We won't be able distribute the product on Steam as long as it includes pornographic depictions.

All the developers and publishers listed above claimed to have received a similar notice last week. MangaGamer first posted Kindred Spirits On The Roof with uncensored adult content on Steam in 2015. MangaGamer maintained that it was not aware of any change in policy before receiving a warning. Lupiesoft also asserted that its Mutiny!! game had no content that violated Steam's guidelines.

Several game publishers reported last November that they had received correspondence from Steam asking them to remove links to uncensor patches that would restore adult content to games on Steam. Many developers provide these patches on their official websites — Mutiny!! has an adult content patch but Kindred Spirits On The Roof does not.

ANN reached out to Steam operator Valve before the publication of the original article last week, but the company has not responded or issued a public statement as of press time.

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