Touhou-based Memories of Phantasm Anime's Full 11th Episode, Trailer for 12th Episode Streamed

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12th episode debuts at Comiket this month

Dōjin (self-published) circle Manpuku Jinja began streaming the full 11th episode of "Gensō Bankakyō ~The Memories of Phantasm~" (Kaleidoscope of Illusions: The Memories of Phantasm) — its anime project based on the Touhou Project games — on Friday. The circle also began streaming a trailer for the 12th episode.

Episode 11, "Eiya Ihen no Shō (Kōhen ②)" (Imperishable Night Incident Chapter Final Part ②) had a DVD release at the Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai Touhou Project-only dōjinshi event on May 6.

Episode 12, "Kimodameshi no Shō (Zenpen)" (The test of courage ~From "Imperishable Night"~ (First Part)) will get a DVD release at Comic Market 95 on December 30.

Manpuku Jinja streamed the full first 16-minute episode of "Gensō Bankakyō ~The Memories of Phantasm~" in August 2011 after debuting the work at Comic Market 80. The circle streamed the second episode in June 2013 after debuting it at the Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai Touhou Project-only dōjinshi event the month before. Manpuku Jinja streamed episodes three and four in December 2014 followed by episode five in June 2015, and episode six in January 2016.

The seventh episode, "Kyodai Yōkai Densetsu no Shō" (Giant Monster Legend Chapter), debuted in July 2016. Manpuku Jinja distributed the eighth episode on DVD at Winter Comic Market 91 in December 2016, and streamed the episode with English subtitles in March 2017. The circle distributed the ninth episode on DVD on the first day of the Comic Market 92 event, which was held in August 2017, and then streamed the episode in December 2017. The circle released the 10th episode on DVD at the Comic Market 93 (Comiket) event in December 2017 and streamed it in April.

Source: Manpuku Jinja's YouTube channel (link 2)

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