Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars, Robotics;Notes Elite, Robotics;Notes DaSH Games Head West

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Conception PLUS ships in November; Robotics;Notes Elite ships in 2020

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Spike Chunsoft announced at its panel at Anime Expo on Thursday that it will release the Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars, Robotics;Notes Elite, and Robotics;Notes DaSH games in the West.

The company will release Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars (Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!) game for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in North America on November 5 and in Europe on November 8. The release will include the original Japanese audio as well as an English dub. Spike Chunsoft began streaming an English version of the game's trailer that debuted in November.

The Star God's Blessing Edition will be exclusive to NIS America's online store and bundle an art book, two-disc soundtrack, art cards, and beach towel.

The story of the game revolves around Itsuki Yūge, a high school student who finds out on the day of his graduation ceremony that his cousin and childhood friend Mahiru is pregnant. Immediately afterward, Itsuki and Mahiru are taken to a magical world called Granvania, which is currently being invaded by monsters. The only people who can fight and exorcise the monsters are the "star children," and the star children can only be produced by the 12 "shrine maidens of the constellations." In order to defeat the monsters and return to his own world, Itsuki must father the star children with the maidens.

The game shipped in Japan on January 31.

The game adds the anime-original character Alfie. As in the television anime, Ai Kakuma plays the character.

Spike Chunsoft will release Robotics;Notes Elite for PS4, Switch, and PC via Steam in the West in 2020. The company also began streaming an announcement trailer for the game.

Spike Chunsoft describes the game's story:

Thanks to the rising popularity of the PhoneDroid—a device which features augmented reality (A.R.)—the age of advanced technology has finally reached Tanegashima. On that island, Central Tanegashima High's Robot Research Club is about to have their club disbanded. Despite their predicament, Kaito Yashio, one of only two members in the Robot Club, couldn't care less and would rather play a robot fighting game all day. His counterpart, the reckless club leader Akiho Senomiya, ignores Kaito's apathy as she strives to keep the club from being disbanded by completing their giant robot.

One day, Kaito discovers a mysterious A.R. annotation titled “Kimijima Report.” It contains instructions involving locations all across the island—and warns of a conspiracy involving the entire world.

The game launched for Switch in Japan in November. The game debuted with new animated scenes in 2014 as a PlayStation Vita port of the original Robotics;Notes visual novel.

Spike Chunsoft did not reveal a release date for Robotics;Notes DaSH, the sequel game to MAGES.' Robotics;Notes visual novel.

The game launched for PS4 and Switch in Japan on January 31. The original Robotics;Notes PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 visual novel, the third in MAGES. and 5pb.'s "science adventure" series after Chaos;HEAd and Steins;Gate, shipped in Japan in 2012.

The sequel story centers around the former members of the Robot Club after they have graduated from high school. Steins;Gate character Itaru "Daru" Ishida appears in the game.

In addition, Spike Chunsoft began streaming a new character trailer for Furyu Corporation's Crystar game.

The company will release the game for PS4 and PC via Steam in North America on August 27. The game will then launch physically and digitally for PS4 in Europe on August 30.

In the game's story, Rei and her younger sister Mirai find themselves in the afterlife world "Hengoku." While they are both confused and trying to find their way home, they are attacked by strange and fantastical beings. In order to protect her sister, Rei awakens supernatural abilities and defeats the enemies, but her power becomes uncontrollable and she accidentally kills her sister. It is then that a demon whispers to Rei, telling Rei, "If you reap the souls of the dead in another world, if you sacrifice the suffering of your shed tears, the dead Mirai will be 'revived.'" Rei then makes a deal with a demon, and fights with her life on the line.

The game shipped in Japan for the PS4 last October.

Naoki Hisaya handled the game's scenario, Riuichi was the character designer, ntny handled the character designs and also served as the character modeling lead, Hajime Ueda was in charge of insert illustrations, Sakujo composed the background music, Gemdrops developed the game, and anime studio SHAFT animated the game's opening sequence.

Sources: Press release, Spike Chunsoft panel at Anime Expo (Egan Loo)

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