[email protected] Starlit Season Game's 1st Full Video Confirms May 27 Launch, New Idol's Voice

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Aimi Tanaka voices Kohaku Okuzora in PS4/PC game

The live-streamed "[email protected] Starlit Season: Starlit Report - Supersized Episode" debuted the first full promotional video for The [email protected] Starlit Season game on Saturday. The stream and the video announced that the game will launch (after a delay) on May 27 on PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam). They also revealed that the game will feature the new idol Kohaku Okuzora voiced by Aimi Tanaka.

The game marks the 15th anniversary of The [email protected] franchise, and it features characters from The [email protected], The [email protected] Cinderella Girls, The [email protected] Million Live!, and The [email protected]: Shiny Colors.

In the game's story, idols from the four games will combine to form Project Luminous. The idols compete in the big Starlit Season festival to determine the idol unit who will get to perform at the opening of the new Starlit Dome. The player is a producer for 765 Production who returns to Japan after completing overseas training. After returning to the entertainment agency's office, the company's president Junjirō Takagi informs the player that other companies are assembling special idol units to participate in Starlit Season. As Takagi explains that many agencies are already preparing, he puts the player in charge of creating a new unit for 765 Production to participate in the festivities. From various idols and their producer, Project Luminous begins.

The game utilizes Unreal Engine 4 and feature the "ultimate idol visual representations." The game has "evolved" live performance features, and communication scenes show interaction between idols from various agencies.

The [email protected] Stella Stage, the most recent console game in the franchise, launched for the PS4 in December 2017. The [email protected]: Shiny Colors browser game for smartphones, which is the most recent game overall in the series, launched in April 2018.

The franchise also includes numerous anime, as well as light novels, manga, and live events.

Sources: The [email protected] Starlit Season game's website, The [email protected] Starlit Season Starlit Report livestream via Hachima Kikō

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