Otaku's Voice - Fat Men + Sailor Suits = X_X

Otaku's Voice #2 - June 10th, 2001

Fat Men + Sailor Suits = X_X

by Brian "Ranmah" Mah

     Today, I have only one comment to make, and I am sure most people will agree with me when I say, "Fat men shouldn't wear sailor suits". It never fails, but whenever I'm at conventions, I stop by the art room to admire the pretty anime girls dressed in sailor fuku. You can see them on tapes, DVDs, wall posters, CD covers, and fan art.. and then there are the cosplayers. Some cosplayers spend lots of time and effort to make their costume as grand as possible, and I appreciate the time they invest. I enjoy the slender girls dressed up as Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Hopscotch, or whomever.. and then, as I turn towards the door, I come face-to-belly with a grimy, overweight man clad in a far skimpier outfit! I turn blue in the face, dots appear above my head, and I swear I can hear a bird crowing in the distance.

     Why do these overweight men dress up in tiny skirts? I cannot imagine what drives these guys to dress up and prance around like little girls. It's okay for female fans to do so; they're supposed to wear flashy, sometimes revealing outfits. But it disturbs me that any man (regardless of size or weight) could even contemplate wearing a "sailor dress"! Aren't these guys even aware that we EXIST?!

     Obviously, fuku-clad anime girls are to blame for this behavior, and I guess some males are tempted to eat the forbidden fruit of "cross-play". Some anime series even spoof this idea: "Galaxy Angel" and "Otaku No Video" to name a few. Sorry to inform you, guys, but unfortunately this doesn't excuse your actions!

     Stumbling past the overweight, bearded Sailor Mars, I reach the exit of the room and catch my breath. "If I see another fat man in a skimpy skirt, I'll shoot myself.", I think. My brain screams like it was on fire and my knees buckle, but I'll survive. I guess that's the way it'll always be, "Live and Let Live". If these men need to live out their passion as a young girl, then so be it... but please, do it at home and not in the middle of a convention!

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